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Kids, adults, men and women are all welcome at IMC. Confidence, discipline and self respect are just some of the added benefits one receives by training at IMC Martial Arts.

Are you up to the challenge?  May you never be the same again.



 "I wanted to share with you how proud we are of Chloe for declining to test because she felt she wasn’t prepared for the test.  

It says a lot about her and what IMC represents about martial arts.  The emphasis is not on receiving the belt, but being able to honor the belt once it has been earned.  Martial arts teach less about self defense and more about self preservation.  Self preservation emphasizes day to day life balance and avoidance of self defense.  So few people get it, let alone kids.  She has much more to learn because she has not achieved the balance you and Arash have.

Her proudest day will be receiving her black belt.  It will be my proudest day also, because she will add honor to our family and luster to the shine of the black belt.  

Thanks and keep up the good work. "




First of all, I would like to thank my teacher, the Prince of Fiji, Manu Tupou, for breaking me free of the cage of ignorance that I was brought up in. He taught me how to milk the ecstasy from every moment of life and imbue it with aesthetics. Next I would like to thank my teacher, Sandro “Batata” Santiago, for teaching me the pure and true form of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as was passed down from his teacher Gordo. He showed me that with the correct leverage and technique coupled with the warrior spirit any opposition can be overcome. I am forever in debt to both my teachers and humbly bow before them.

 - Arash Dibazar

Owner of IMC Academy


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